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Happy and engaged workers are 2x more productive and ½ less likely to leave your organization


Learning content is most engaging when it is short (~6m on average, never >15m), multimodal with reflections/assessments, and high value, both in speaker and production quality


Content must be refreshed regularly to keep learners engaged and stay ahead of the pace of business change

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Customized & Adaptive

Feature Your Internal Talent

Big Think places internal experts alongside world-class thought leaders to unlock your organization’s creative culture

A-la-carte Learning

Lessons are delivered to serve the unique needs of your organization (e.g. competency model, innovation taxonomy)

Skill-gap Specific

Learners receive new material based on their evolving skill-gap needs and peer/coach suggestions

Learning paths adapted to your taxonomy and programmable by you

Big Think produces learning modules with your key internal voices, utilizing our unique expertise in creating short, actionable and inspiring personal narratives

Assessments, personal reflection Q&A, moderated discussions and readings for further exploration.

Suggested content based on assessments and peer feedback

Your own talent featured alongside our experts

You can also host your own content on the Edge platform

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Hear what some of our clients are saying about Big Think Edge


“Big Think makes people and companies smarter, faster through the world’s best experts on video. We work with them to develop exceptional programs at Microsoft both internally and externally.”

Stefan Weitz, Director, Search,

“Big Think is an outstanding platform for thought leadership, diverse perspectives, and practical advice. In the 21st century information environment, people are hungry for a platform like Big Think to help them focus on practical lessons in an engaging format.”

Bill McDermott, CEO, SAP

“We were looking for content to populate our internal learning portal and discovered Big Think Edge. The videos are fantastic and insightful. They’ve been very well received and have been adapted as part of a number of curriculums throughout the organization and have been a great way to prompt conversation and reinforce messages. We look forward to integrating the new content as it’s updated continuously, particularly the video content related to Diversity initiatives.”

Learning VP, JP Morgan

Our editorial and advisory board are globally-recognized leaders in the how’s and what’s of enterprise learning:

David westin

David Westin
Former President ABC News


John Seely Brown
Computer Scientist, Innovation Expert

Robert kaplan

Robert S. Kaplan
Former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs, and Professor, Harvard Business School

Tom glocer

Tom Glocer
Former CEO of Thomson Reuters


Our public knowledge forum featuring over 12,000 videos and growing from Big Think experts at the top of or disrupting their fields


Cost-effective solutions to unlock your creative culture with Big Think’s commitment to blended learning:

Cloud based platform

Browser-based cloud platform or integration into LMS (via SCORM, AICC, Tin Can or custom feed)

In-person supplementary workshops

In-person learning workshops led by Big Think experts for deep dives and experiential learning

Custom designed curricula

Instructional designers designated to your team to review analytics and determine content priorities

Flexibility to swiftly deploy Big Think Edge to your most critical needs:

Total content control

Subscribe to only the content you want for the learners you are targeting

Dedicated instructors

Work with a dedicated instructional designer to customize Edge for diverse learning needs across your organization and get exclusive access to new releases

Administrator on-boarding

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